Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage


Being the music fan that I am, about a month ago when I started a free trial of Netflix I set out in search of all the music documentaries I could find. Having had Rush, and this very film, indirectly mentioned to me earlier I thought I’d check it out, and I’m glad I did!

Relatively recent picture of Rush.

The Review:

I began the movie with no background knowledge of the band and ended it able to name the members, many albums, and a few notable songs. That should be a good indication of how informative the film was. It spanned the lives of all three members, starting from their earliest musical interests to their touring life at the time of filming. Interviews with the band carry the narrative, and comments from famous fans, mostly other musicians, add to the chronology. The band’s entire history is covered in under two hours, from formation to the addition of Neil Peart to major headlining tours, all the important details seem to be fit in. The viewer gets to see Rush evolve from the blues-based rock band that couldn’t get a record deal to the progressive rock band they gained popularity as. The true musicianship of these three guys from Canada is so wonderfully displayed with live shows and music video footage dispersed throughout. And just as their great musical abilities shine through, their great personalities are evident in the interviews, and watching, you just have to love the band.

Bottom Line:

I’d recommend this documentary to any fan of great music, and anyone reading this should definitely check it out!

10 Rocks/10 Rolls


And it seems I have stumbled upon Rush at the perfect time. Lots of news at the moment and that’s what I will discuss next time!


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