Let It Be Vinyl (Mono!)


With this post, I’m going to start regular “Vinyl Posts” about interesting records in my collection! I was looking at some of my Beatles records recently and noticed something very interesting about my copy of Let It Be.

So here it is:


It’s not in the best condition, I think I got it for a dollar or two, and has a few skips throughout. Despite that I could still listen through it so not completely horrible.

It’s an original Brazilian release from 1970 on Apple, which is interesting on it’s own, but that makes it possible for it to be in mono…

Mono! Yes I said Let It Be in mono! But weren’t all Beatles records after The Beatles only available in stereo? Yes! Which is why I find this cool. Although there was no official mono mix and it’s just a fold-down of the stereo mix, it’s still pretty cool in my opinion. Brazil was the only country to release LIB in mono as everyone else realized stereo was the format to be listening to at that time.

Another interesting thing is this stamp on the back label:


It says:
Jose de Barros No 329

There’s a little cut off before it. But that’s most of what it says. The strange thing is that the cut off part looks as if it’s under the black of the label, as if it’s part of the label design, not stamped on top.
I looked up the name but found nothing, it was probably just a club and a DJ, but still interesting in my opinion!

I hope you enjoyed that! My next vinyl post will be up soon, about my two copies of Introducing… The Beatles on Vee-Jay Records!


Three Reasons To Love The Police

The Police

The Police

1. The Lyrics

Sting was as amazing a lyricist as he was a bassist and singer. In my opinion, really amazing! The lyrics he wrote for The Police were well-articulated, thought-provoking, meaningful lyrics. He could tell a story with his lyrics, and the music behind it helped create a mood and atmosphere that pulled you into that story. A perfect example of this would be Synchronicity II, the end of which shows another stroke of genius Sting had: adding an extra line to the last verse creating more tension before the final chilling lyrics of the song where we are left to imagine what makes that shadow. The Loch Ness monster?

He could write inspiring love songs like Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Roxanne, about unrequited love and a man who’s fallen for a prostitute, and great political commentaries such as Invisible Sun. Sting could convey emotions with is words, and was very, very good at it.

2. The Influences

You could accurately describe The Police by naming many genres. The fact that they could take so many different musical influences and successfully turn them into their own, unique sound shows that they were three talented musicians. An overall punk rock band, using reggae rhythms, with a large jazz influence on both the guitarist (Andy Summers) and drummer (Stewart Copeland) worked out in an unexpected way. This fusion of genres mixed with each member’s skill on their respective instrument allowed them to create amazing music and a sound you can’t find with another band!

3. Instrumental Coordination

One of the biggest reasons the music of The Police sounded like it did was that there were only three members; a power trio of guitar, drums, and both bass and vocals by Sting. They all knew what they needed to play, and left the right amount of open space for the other instruments.

Sting’s distinct voice and great bass-lines (Ex. Driven To Tears), Andy Summers’ inventive riffs (Ex. Message In A Bottle), and Stewart Copeland’s steady yet interesting beats (Ex. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic) made The Police one of the greatest bands of all time.

The Police

If you’re not familiar with them, you should definitely become familiar. 

A Hard Day’s Night (2014 Release)

The Beatles

The Criterion re-release of The Beatles’ first film A Hard Day’s Night is here for the movie’s 50th Anniversary! It was shown in theaters beginning July 4th, and stayed there for a few weeks in some instances, giving fans a chance to see the film as if it just premiered, and others not familiar with The Fab Four to see it for the first time.

Most hardcore Beatles fans have been eagerly awaiting to get their hands on the DVD or three-disc DVD/Blu-Ray deluxe set since they heard rumors of it being made, and now they can… and probably have!

This re-release is significant as the video was completely remastered from old tapes for a “4K digital restoration, approved by director Richard Lester,” and the audio was remixed by Giles Martin, son of Beatles producer George Martin.

I was able to pick up the single-disc DVD, and can attest to the fact that it looks and sounds great! The movie is so entertaining as it is, that the clarity of the audio and video allow you to become completely immersed in the fast paced one-liners and great musical performances. The brilliance that the movie was shot with really shines through in this quality too! The innovative shots and filming techniques used are a big part of what makes the movie so enjoyable.

The film shows that The Beatles were relatively good actors and showcases their sense of humor. I’d recommend buying this film to anyone, and if you are a Beatles fan, this new release is a must have!

Introducing Rock And Roll Music

Site Updates

With this post, the blog is officially open!

Here I will be discussing all the wonderful music I enjoy. Sharing news, reviews, opinions on all of them, and anything I find musically interesting!

My two favorite bands are The Beatles and The Police, in that order. Other favorites of mine are the many incarnations of Eric Clapton (especially Cream), solo McCartney including Wings, and Jimi Hendrix!

Those bands and other miscellaneous rock bands/songs/events/ideas will be discussed here.

Be ready to Rock And Roll!