Let It Be Vinyl (Mono!)


With this post, I’m going to start regular “Vinyl Posts” about interesting records in my collection! I was looking at some of my Beatles records recently and noticed something very interesting about my copy of Let It Be.

So here it is:


It’s not in the best condition, I think I got it for a dollar or two, and has a few skips throughout. Despite that I could still listen through it so not completely horrible.

It’s an original Brazilian release from 1970 on Apple, which is interesting on it’s own, but that makes it possible for it to be in mono…

Mono! Yes I said Let It Be in mono! But weren’t all Beatles records after The Beatles only available in stereo? Yes! Which is why I find this cool. Although there was no official mono mix and it’s just a fold-down of the stereo mix, it’s still pretty cool in my opinion. Brazil was the only country to release LIB in mono as everyone else realized stereo was the format to be listening to at that time.

Another interesting thing is this stamp on the back label:


It says:
Jose de Barros No 329

There’s a little cut off before it. But that’s most of what it says. The strange thing is that the cut off part looks as if it’s under the black of the label, as if it’s part of the label design, not stamped on top.
I looked up the name but found nothing, it was probably just a club and a DJ, but still interesting in my opinion!

I hope you enjoyed that! My next vinyl post will be up soon, about my two copies of Introducing… The Beatles on Vee-Jay Records!


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