Three Reasons To Love The Police

The Police

The Police

1. The Lyrics

Sting was as amazing a lyricist as he was a bassist and singer. In my opinion, really amazing! The lyrics he wrote for The Police were well-articulated, thought-provoking, meaningful lyrics. He could tell a story with his lyrics, and the music behind it helped create a mood and atmosphere that pulled you into that story. A perfect example of this would be Synchronicity II, the end of which shows another stroke of genius Sting had: adding an extra line to the last verse creating more tension before the final chilling lyrics of the song where we are left to imagine what makes that shadow. The Loch Ness monster?

He could write inspiring love songs like Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Roxanne, about unrequited love and a man who’s fallen for a prostitute, and great political commentaries such as Invisible Sun. Sting could convey emotions with is words, and was very, very good at it.

2. The Influences

You could accurately describe The Police by naming many genres. The fact that they could take so many different musical influences and successfully turn them into their own, unique sound shows that they were three talented musicians. An overall punk rock band, using reggae rhythms, with a large jazz influence on both the guitarist (Andy Summers) and drummer (Stewart Copeland) worked out in an unexpected way. This fusion of genres mixed with each member’s skill on their respective instrument allowed them to create amazing music and a sound you can’t find with another band!

3. Instrumental Coordination

One of the biggest reasons the music of The Police sounded like it did was that there were only three members; a power trio of guitar, drums, and both bass and vocals by Sting. They all knew what they needed to play, and left the right amount of open space for the other instruments.

Sting’s distinct voice and great bass-lines (Ex. Driven To Tears), Andy Summers’ inventive riffs (Ex. Message In A Bottle), and Stewart Copeland’s steady yet interesting beats (Ex. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic) made The Police one of the greatest bands of all time.

The Police

If you’re not familiar with them, you should definitely become familiar. 


Introducing Rock And Roll Music

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With this post, the blog is officially open!

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My two favorite bands are The Beatles and The Police, in that order. Other favorites of mine are the many incarnations of Eric Clapton (especially Cream), solo McCartney including Wings, and Jimi Hendrix!

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